Not Your Standard Financial Blog

Hello new readers! As an avid reader of financial blogs for the last ten years, I have finally decided to take the plunge and create my own. Why? Because most financial blogs are focused on how to make money, save it and then make more of it. This blog is about making, saving, spending and GIVING money to others. While many authors mention their philanthropy, few delve into the details of how charitable giving can enhance your life. As a long time giver, who has prioritized philanthropy through a wide income range, I am adamant that thinking deeply about WHY you give and WHO you give to can radically change your mental wellness. Giving makes us human. Giving brings us joy. Giving allows us to feel connected to our communities and establish networks with other like-minded individuals. Giving can also reduce your tax burden and help you shelter wealth. Giving can even result in more wealth, in both your bank account and your heart. Giving brings abundance.

I am not a certified financial or tax advisor. My strategies are from 15 years of doing my own taxes, making mistakes and learning. Please consult a professional advisor if you are looking to implement one of my suggestions and are unsure of the ramifications to your own personal situation. ALL financial situations are personal. No single strategy is for everyone. But I hope this blog both gives ideas and creates an incentive to think deeply about your gifts to our society.

This blog is not politically or religiously aligned. I am a deeply middle of the road, self-certified everything-is-gray kind of person. I believe that individuals are motivated by deeply personal beliefs and that all beliefs are worthy of respect. I do not believe in promoting individual charities or causes. What you care about is for YOU to decide. YOU choose your values. And one of the most wonderful, liberating things about living in this great country is that YOU have the opportunity to put your values into action via your financial choices. But how do you choose the most worthwhile charity? How do you know your charity is fiscally responsible? What if you can “only” give time? How do you maximize the amount you can give? This blog seeks to answer those questions. Let’s begin!


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