Networking and Philanthropy: Frosting on the Cake

Do you want to meet interesting people? And expand your circle of acquaintances? And leverage your hoard for personal and professional success? Then philanthropic networking is for you. Not all Networking is created equal Networking can be intimidating. And it can feel forced. Which is why being invited to hang out with people who share […]

Identifying Common Ground: Politics and Giving

It’s a divided world. Finding common ground is a tough ask in the current political environment. But it is possible, and a little time spent investigating why you believe what YOU believe and why others believe what THEY believe can help you identify your priorities and have productive conversations with your loved ones. Giving is […]

Human Services: Helping People

Although this is the third most popular type of giving, this is still a giant category. Human services encompasses all types of assistance that go directly towards helping people. Some of these services are visible to all of us on a daily basis, some are more “behind the scenes”. A new development in this area, […]

Religion and Education: The Biggest Causes

Religious Organizations By far the easiest gift, from the perspective of mental time associated with decision making, is to give to your religious organization. They ask you for money regularly, and presumably you are invested in their cause if you are a member of their congregation. Sweet! Depending upon your church, money that you give […]

Intro to Choosing a Cause

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to giving is finding a cause that is important to you (See number 6 in Why Don’t we Give?). And it’s not just about finding any random non-profit – it’s about finding one that will use your money or time wisely in a way that YOU feel is important. […]