The Mortgage Interest Deduction Myth

Do you know how much money you save through your mortgage interest tax deduction? No? Neither do most Americans. Most of us consider it to be a big deal because we are told by our realtors and mortgage brokers and financial advisors that it is. Unfortunately, none of those groups are doing your taxes for […]

The Paradox of Choice

We live in an amazing country, in an amazing time. We are also bombarded by choices every moment of every day. So much so that entire movements have sprung up in praise of simplicity. The Minimalists, the Life Hackers, the Marie Kondo Magic of Tidying Up sock organizers, etc. are all focused on removing distractions […]

The Overhead Myth

Many people, my acquaintances included, believe that a nonprofit can be judged outright as good or bad based on one metric. One metric! Think about that for a minute. What if your worth as a person was defined by your debt to income ratio? What if Dragon Corp was valued on the NYSE based solely […]

Capitalist Philanthropy: Good, Bad or Gray?

Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, has an interesting interview in The Atlantic today. Hoffman is a fan of what’s known as Capitalist Philanthropy. To some, it’s a term of derision. But what does the Dragon think? I think Hoffman makes some solid points. Today’s interview is in response to another article which questioned the outsized […]