Maximizing the “Helper’s High”

A quick google search will turn up article after article listing the positive effects of altruism on mental and physical health. The top cited effects are: Lower stress levels / reduced cortisol Greater self esteem Less depression Lower blood pressure Longer life Greater happiness Boom! Who doesn’t want more of those effects in their life? […]

Identifying Common Ground: Politics and Giving

It’s a divided world. Finding common ground is a tough ask in the current political environment. But it is possible, and a little time spent investigating why you believe what YOU believe and why others believe what THEY believe can help you identify your priorities and have productive conversations with your loved ones. Giving is […]

Intro to Choosing a Cause

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to giving is finding a cause that is important to you (See number 6 in Why Don’t we Give?). And it’s not just about finding any random non-profit – it’s about finding one that will use your money or time wisely in a way that YOU feel is important. […]

Why Don’t we Give?

This is one of my favorite topics. Why? Because it makes me feel a little rant-y and I love a good discussion. Not giving is a great way to NOT maximize your life! It’s a great way to feel smug about your hoard. And it’s a great way to keep yourself in a small mental […]

Why do we Give?

This is a fundamental question in psychology. What compels us to give our resources to others? Is it an innate behavior? Or a learned behavior? Why do we give to individuals outside of our “tribe”? Ultimately, the answers to those questions may have no bearing on the reality of your day to day life. I […]

What You Spend on is What You Value

If I were to ask 20 people in my social circle “do you spend your money according to your values?” I guarantee that 19 of them would say yes. One (and I have a particular person in mind here) would likely hesitate, think for a few minutes, and then say “mostly”. In reality, I think […]