The Paradox of Choice

We live in an amazing country, in an amazing time. We are also bombarded by choices every moment of every day. So much so that entire movements have sprung up in praise of simplicity. The Minimalists, the Life Hackers, the Marie Kondo Magic of Tidying Up sock organizers, etc. are all focused on removing distractions […]

Identifying Common Ground: Politics and Giving

It’s a divided world. Finding common ground is a tough ask in the current political environment. But it is possible, and a little time spent investigating why you believe what YOU believe and why others believe what THEY believe can help you identify your priorities and have productive conversations with your loved ones. Giving is […]

Intro to Choosing a Cause

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to giving is finding a cause that is important to you (See number 6 in Why Don’t we Give?). And it’s not just about finding any random non-profit – it’s about finding one that will use your money or time wisely in a way that YOU feel is important. […]